Jolly Oyster

Jolly Oyster

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Local seafood produced sustainably, naturally and humanely.

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Mark Venus & Mark Reynolds
Mark Venus & Mark Reynolds
The Farmers

From seed to farm to table.

The Jolly Oyster was made out of the need to alleviate the world's overfishing crisis by producing top quality, sustainably produced seafood. A small family business dedicated to farming top quality oysters and clams, you'll fall in love with one of the freshest farm-direct seafood in Los Angeles.  

Specializing in Kumamoto and Pacific oysters, the Jolly Oyster controls the complete production cycle from their hatchery producing the seed through their own farms to your table. They're known for bright, unique, in-house recipes that flatter the seafood, while bringing out the joy in life.


Jolly Oyster

Try a variety of our Jolly Oyster Farm Oysters and our delicious steamed Manila clams with a perfectly paired glass of dry, crisp wine.

The Jolly Oyster Story:

As told by Founders Mark & Mark

"20 years ago, aware of the looming overfishing crisis, we decided to set up a sustainable shellfish farming operation in the beautiful, cool, and pristine Pacific waters of Baja California. To us, the Jolly Oyster is the embodiment of a product that is sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, and healthy. It's great seafood, but made in a thoughtful environment that is family-oriented and a celebration of life. To us, the Jolly Oyster is a place of happiness. 

Our work is governed by a commitment to sustainable, organic, environmentally friendly, healthy and humane practices. We work exclusively with nature. Our shellfish are high in Omega 3s, low in saturated fats and cholesterol, rich in vitamins and minerals and are a good source of protein. Most importantly, our shellfish live as if wild. They have a very simple central nervous system and no pain receptors. Some vegans will even include oysters on their menu. We never use pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals or hormones to enhance growth. Our mission is to farm outstanding quality shellfish, while benefiting the planet."