The WEHO Sausage Co.

The WEHO Sausage Co.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Drinks.

House-made sausages, burgers, charcuterie and more.

Monday-Sunday: 11AM-9PM
Late Nights: Friday & Saturday - 11pm

Peter Tulaney
Peter Tulaney
Head Chef

Converting hamburger purists into sausage pioneers.

At WeHo Sausage Co, the goal is to expand the definition of a "gourmet hamburger" beyond your expectations. While many burger shops offer a standard ground beef patty with ubiquitous toppings and sauces, WeHo Sausage Co starts with the patty. By incorporating custom blends of chicken, pork, lamb and beef with different spices, herbs and aromatics – they're able to create a burger menu that is truly differentiated.

Come up to the counter for top-quality service and expert recommendations. From incredible fresh ground sausage patties, burgers and fresh-cut fries to house-cured and smoked bacon and salmon filets, they're sure to blow your mind during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you're looking for a snack and drink, try house-made salamis, imported cheeses and charcuterie, and a wide selection of beer.

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Italian Pork Sausage Sandwich stacked with caramelized onions and peppers… and dripping with melted provolone. Plus, some garlic parmesan fries with our bloody mary ketchup and an ice-cold local brew.

The WeHo Sausage Co Story:

As told by Founder & Chef Peter Tulaney

"I started making sausages in my kitchen because I liked to eat them, and to share them. One summer, I was cooking at a friend's house for a party he was hosting, and a guest I did not know asked me if I would cater his birthday party the following month. I was flattered and agreed. A week before his party, he called me and asked if I could fax him my insurance information, and tax ID… all I could remember thinking was—this guy thinks I'm an ACTUAL caterer (at the time, I was not)! I asked him for a day to get the info over to him, quickly registered my business, secured an insurance policy and became a professional caterer that very day.

That's how I got started, but getting to where I am now was a compilation of risk-taking, saying goodbye to my previous profession as a clinical psychologist and most of all intensely hard work. I would say my toughest struggle has been opening my first brick and mortar kitchen five years ago. There are loads of applications, certifications, registrations, restrictions, permits, guidelines, regulations, departments and fees that need to be understood, satisfied and paid before you can boil water in this city. This was the major hurdle and required an "all in" attitude. When I started, I had young children, little financing and almost zero experience. Many-a-sleepless nights were endured in the process. I learned what I was made of. It was a transcendental period in my life. 

Throughout the years, I have realized that there are limitless formulas to success. You can be successful doing anything—but there is one common factor to all success stories and that's hard work. If you are willing to do what others are not, you have got a shot."


The WeHo Sausage Co Story: